Shortly after my wife and I married we searched for a dog that would fit our personalities and be the right fit for urban living with a temperament for children (in the future).  With some research we read about a breed, yet to be recognized by the AKA, but with an interesting history.  The breed came from Cuba and dated back in centuries with stories of Italian merchants offering them as gifts to affluent Cubans. 


We immediately found a fun connection to our Italian and Cuban families.  Further reading about the temperament of the breed made our decision certain.


Our dog became a favorite among all in the family.  Toward the end of her life she developed S.A.R.D.S. and died of kidney problems, possibly due to the massive food recall in early 2007.


We never thought one could be so attached to a pet, but this breed (as with most pets) seem to live only to please their families.  After many requests from our children we decided to "adopt" another Havanese, Cloud.  


Our first dog will always hold a special place in our heart and those she touched.


[Click here for candid photos of Truffles]